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There are approximately 280 Mrs. Fields franchises operating in the United States alone. Mrs. Fields began franchising stores in 1990. Mrs. Fields’ founder, Debbi Fields, wrote a biographical book called One Smart Cookie. Mrs. Fields currently employs over 4,000 employees. Despite persistent urban legends, Mrs. Fields’ famous recipe has never been sold to the general public. Providing free samples to potential customers has remained a cornerstone of the Mrs. Fields business since the very first store was opened in 1977. Mrs. Fields has developed The Mrs. Fields Famous Brands University, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mrs. Fields was launched in Palo Alto, California in August 1977, when Debbi Fields was only 20 years old! Debbi Fields signed the lease for her first store under the name Mrs. Fields’ Chocolate Chippery. Mrs. Fields is one of the most beloved and consistently popular brands in America. Mrs. Fields has over 30 years of brand success, and almost 20 years of franchising experience. In general, the cost to open your store is between $179,900 and $251,100. Our easy, no-obligation online application form tells us that you are interested in owning a Mrs. Fields franchise. A Franchise Business Consultant (“FBC”) is assigned to every franchisee. Your FBC is committed to helping you be as successful as possible.

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